Experienced specialists with technical insight

All businesses are dependent of IT. Optimal use of IT in the company requires a clear contractual basis, documentation and a structured approach for identifying and handling strategic and commercial opportunities and limitations.

Our services

CIT has experience with advising both the supplier and customer side and has expertise, precisely on the possibilities and pitfalls to deal with in agreements and disputes concerning IT. In addition to the legal competences, CIT understands the technical and commercial aspects that are essential for working towards the best solution in matters concerning IT and digitisation, regardless whether the questions concerns commercial agreements, litigation or compliance.

We have extensive experience with all types of IT-agreements and we are certified members of the associations of Danish IT attorneys. In addition to legal experience and knowledge, we have expertise in technical and commercial matters that are essential for working towards the best solution in cases concerning IT and digitisation. Our focus and business understanding enable us to deliver the best solution for every individual client when considering the specific needs.

IT contracts

  • Outsourcing IT infrastructure and IT operations
  • IT outsourcing for financial companies under the outsourcing act
  • Agreements within FinTech and financial IT infrastructure and API under the PSD2
  • License and rights agreements
  • Acquisition of IT systems like CRM, ERP or ESDH systems
  • Development agreements
  • Cloud agreements concerning SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
  • Implementation and transition agreements
  • IT agreements based on standard contracts (K01, K02, K03 etc.)

Data protection, GDPR and compliance

  • Compliance programmes from A to Z, including mapping, documentation and governance programme
  • GDPR documentation, including policies, instructions, data processing agreements, procedures and records of processing activities
  • Transferring personal data to countries outside EU/EEA and ensuring the correct transfer basis
  • Control report and control with data processor under the GDPR outsourcing act
  • Risk assessments under the GDPR and outsourcing act
  • Compliance with rules about Sanctions and documentation of screenings
  • IDD compliance for insurance companies and intermediaries, including preparing IDD documentation and adapting agreements to ensure compliance at all levels
  • Compliance policies and Codes of Conduct as well as employee training

We deliver innovative and elegant compliance solutions with ComplyCloud. In collaboration with ComplyCloud, we provide an online solution that enables anyone to easily create compliance documentation on the GDPR, Sanctions and IDD. Our clients can therefore easily and on their own create, measure and monitor their compliance documentation.

Digitisation and the rapid technological development creates both opportunities and challenges for businesses that provide goods and services online or advertises online. We have extensive experience with advertising about marketing and online presence, and we recognised by clients for delivering pragmatic solutions that takes into account the latest technological opportunities.

e-commerce and digital marketing

  • Terms and conditions for using websites and online solutions
  • Data protection and privacy policies and personal data processing for online commerce
  • Permission-marketing and advising about direct marketing in accordance with the rules about spam
  • Using personal data in connection with digital marketing, including segmentation and profiling
  • Marketing via social media and use of influencers
  • Online use of trade marks, including in connection with Google AdWords
  • Consumer protection and information obligations in connection with e-commerce
  • Marketing in connection with online games and prize competitions

Cyber and IT insurance

  • Judicial and arbitration cases about defects in IT systems and disputes about scope of provisions and prices
  • Cyber and IT insurance cases with questions on justification of coverage and scope of coverage
  • Surveying and valuation in judicial and arbitration cases about IT and cyber crime
  • Advising on limitation of liability in connection with cyber crime and “legal cleanup” after cyber damages
  • IT liability cases within IT operations, IT development and IT outsourcing
  • Entering of agreements about IT and cyber

The market, rules and practice about cyber crime and IT insurances is developing enormously. As a regular attorney for one of the biggest insurance companies in the Nordics within cyber and IT insurances, we have much insight in both the legal, practical and technical aspects of cases within cyber and IT damages and liability.